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The Wall Street Journal liked my suggestion about oddballs in resale.
Here's an example of how Kate helps form public opinion. A blogger was saying she'd rather donate than use a resale shop
and I mentioned there's a better way, perhaps, to help her good deed go further...
Kate is sending eBay vendors your way with her article Find products to sell on eBay at consignment shops
The above article was taken from my LIVE (gulp!) internet talk interview on Entrepreneur Magazine Radio and eBay Radio
An article some radio hosts wrote from my words, after radio-interviewing me: How to Shop Resale

Twisting a Round Idea to fit your Square Peg was written by me at the special request of another industry altogether.

And a big thank-you to many many people. Especially the Professional Resaler Sponsors of our consumer-oriented industry directory and information center, HowToConsign.com

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