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Mini-Products for the Professional Resaler at TGtbT.comEver wish you could just sit down with Kate for lunch and talk?

The TGtbT Luncheonette is home to our mini-Products for the Professional Resaler. They're just like sitting at the lunch counter with Kate and chatting over a grilled cheese before you have to get back to work. And they're cheaper than that grilled cheese too! 

Each item here at the TGtbT Luncheonette is $2.39. They're PDQ files only. What's a PDQ file?  
Grab Their Attention: Garnering media attention is not only relatively uncomplicated, it�s the most cost-effective marketing tool you have available in your marketing toolbox. This 7-page Product was written by Sarah Deveraux, who ran a successful shop for many years.

Why We Failed Actually titled "What we did wrong in our business," this candid 8-page essay by a shopkeeper whose shop survived less than a year was donated to TGtbT.com so that others might avoid his mistakes. Includes commentary by Kate Holmes.

Making a Change in your Consignment Agreement The three things you must remember when making adjustments in your consignment agreement at any point in your shop's progress.
Habitize your Retail Store Naturally & Profit! Chatting with Cynthia: Seems she likes to talk over lunch, too. Cynthia Broockman of The White Elephant in VA created a 4-page guide to using nature in your shop. Once you see her b-&-a photos, you'll believe in the Power of Green to Green up your store's profits.
New Product Profitability Sarah Deveau, whose childrenswear shop was known for quality, unusual, and highly-desirable new items that enhanced her consignment goods, shares her expertise on finding, ordering and selling new products.
To Be a Resaler poster is a PDQ file suitable for framing and hanging in your shop. It's a nice way to let your clientele know you care about them, their families, and our future.
The Top 21 Merchandising Tips for Resalers Turn browsers into buyers with these tips especially for our industry
13 Ways to Make your Resale Shop Thrive These are the top 13 things I wish the shops I visit would do. So simple, yet so effective.
Resale's Cheapest Tricks & Best Buys 3 pages of ideas to get you started thinking about materials, supplies, and props from free to under $100 to make your merchandise look like a million
Making your Consignment Agreement Pay This is the outline handout from one of my NARTS Conference workshops. There's 6 steps to follow, as well as "How to be an Outrageous CONSIGNEE!"
101 Daily Tips for a Better Shop is a collection of tips you can use every day to remind you of steps you can take to make your shop better.
The 15-Step Approach to PROFIT Have you lost sight of PROFIT? Here's how to look at the big picture.
Today's Resale Shopper: Get her in, Get her happy, Get her so satisfied she'll be your BEST advertisement! This is the outline from the NARTS Fall Seminar in Sarasota in 2005
Smile for the Camera: Suggestions and a bunch of examples Need a publicity shot taken? Kate's gathered up some ideas and some actual examples for you
Visiting Other Resalers A little field notebook to help you examine other shops with an eye to making yours better. Download it; print out copies to stick in your glove compartment. Learn every time you visit another shop!
Be OPEN: The ABC Guide to Success Annotated handout from my NARTS Workshop. The ideas all around you can guide your shop to success. It's easy as ABC. A is for ADAPT, ADOPT and AMEND all the ideas all around you, B is for BELIEVING in your core principles. And C is for CREATION, making your shop more than "just another resale shop." (Access the free graphic aids for this workshop.)
Quick, Let's Save Time Shop-tested ways to make the most of your time at work. So you don't have to wish there were two or even three of you.

Adding Bridal to your Consignment or Resale Shop Have you wondered how to make a wedding department in your shop work? This 7-page Product will get you started!
Our Luncheonette Mini-Products are just a little sample of our Products for the Professional Resaler. See all our Products.

TGtbT.com is the premier web site for professional resalers. Start a consignment, resale or thrift store with free articles and Products for the Professional Resaler here on Too Good to be Threw. Want to know how to open a consignment shop, do a business plan, operate your shop, consignment software and selling secondhand clothes, upscale designer fashions, children's gear or used furniture? Consignment shops, resale stores, thrift stores & consignment sales use Too Good to be Threw. As a consignment consultant and two-award winner and lifelong member of NARTS, Kate Holmes creates all information and Products 
specifically for the resale industry

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