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Your consignment or resale shop is set the THRIVE with info from TGtbT.comOur THRIVE article presented here an excerpt from "My Living Social Experience" by Kerri, who owns Childish Things in Boulder Colorado. She wanted to share her experience with using Living Social in her women's and children's consignment shop.


My store is located in a college town of approximately 100,000 people, not including the college kids. I have a 4000 sq. ft. store which sells mainly childrenís items. We sell childrenís clothing, books, toys, furniture, and baby gear. We also sell new items Iíve purchasedócloth diapers, Melissa and Doug toys, shoes, socks, tutuís and bikes. Our smallest seller, but commanding the most money per item, is our maternity and womenís clothing. Iíve been in business for 18 years....

The Deal:

I was approached by Living Social to run a deal last November. After thinking it over and coming up with a worst case scenario, I decided that Iíd try it and see what happened. I also spoke with the owner of one of the womenís stores in town who had already done a Living Social deal to find out her experience.

I decided to run a deal of $20 of merchandise for $10. I limited it to 500 people (the minimum allowed) and they had one week to purchase the deal...

If youíre not familiar with Living Social, hereís how it works. A person buys a voucher for $10 and you get reimbursed $5 of that from Living Social. You have to give that person $20 worth of "stuff" when they come in to shop. So you think you are losing out on $15, but really you are losing only your COGS (cost of goods) for those items. I pay consignors 40%, so on a $20 sale, it costs me $8. This is why I limited it to consigned goods, and also how I figured out my worst case....

The full article can be downloaded without cost as a PDQ (What's a PDQ?) from, thanks to the generosity of Kerri. Visit Childish Things from our Clickable Directory at

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