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Too Good to be Threw

The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops

The best investment you can make in your business. Our readers have nicknamed it "the resale bible".

Written by a real-life consignment shopkeeper with 4 decades of experience,

Too Good to be Threw has everything you need to succeed. Kate Holmes has focused on real-life budgets, real-life situations, and realistic solutions and specific down-to-earth advice on opening and operating your own resale and/or consignment shop, no matter what merchandise you plan to carry.

The definitive how-to for the resale, consignment, and thrift industry. Used by thousands of successful shops in North America, Australia, and Europe. Written by double-award winning consignment expert Kate Holmes, this is the "industry bible." Specific information on setting up, developing guidelines, shop layout, display, advertising and promotion, selling, bookkeeping. Discussions on buyers' fees, Preferred Consignor Clubs, Switching seasons, and more.

Too Good to be Threw has step-by-step answers
for true success!

 * Easy Instructions for Beginners
 * Wise Planning for Growing Shops 
 * Continued Profit for Proven Shops 

Getting started: Do I have what it takes? And what does it take?
Choosing a location, lease, name:
Some hidden pitfalls
Your consignment agreement
and the important "How-to" handout
Arranging your layout
so customers see and want it all!
Keeping track of merchandise
whether consignments or store-purchased
Promos, advertising, marketing and selling:
Drawing customers in
Financial bookwork:
Easier than you think
Finding and training staff
to enhance your shop
Clearance sales, pakaways, and more!
Income sources to explore

       See the Complete Table of Contents       Read the Introduction

Get the Manual


Too Good to be Threw, The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops, 2011 edition, 8-1/4 x 11", 200+ pages, appendix, index, spiral-bound for easy reference on your sales desk. $76.95 plus shipping. Shipping costs.

Too Good to be Threw Complete Operations Manual


Or Save with the Beginner's Luck Package:

TGtbT the Manual

The Manual  
Read the Introduction.

Your resale shop can look as good as any "new" store with Shop Sizzle!

Make your shop look like a million without spending it!

Successful resalers share consignment industry secrets

Secrets of Successful Resalers
Insider info on what works. Includes 9 "Million Dollar" Ideas.

Get all 3: the Manual in hard copy, plus the 2 PDQ files Shop Sizzle and Secrets, in the Beginner's Luck Package. The Manual will arrive by Priority Mail (first class air for Canadian and other foreign addresses) while the PDQ files will arrive, pdq, by email.

Beginner's Luck Package: All 3 Products!

Too Good to be Threw, The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops, by industry guru Kate Holmes  

"No matter what type of shop you yearn to have, Kate can help you achieve it quickly, easily and profitably."  


200+ fact-filled pages including the Resalers' Financial Survey,  the 9 Necessities of Customer Service, and guidance every step of the way. See our Table of Contents.


Wondering if the manual is for you?

TGtbT The Manual helps your furniture, clothing, or home decor business, whether consignment or buy-outright

Don't be misled by books that only present you with bland generalities.  
Or books that claim to tell all but never tell you what knowledge the author has. Written by a dedicated career resaler, this is the definitive manual to succeeding in this growing industry. Kate's qualifications.

Questions about the Manual or our other Products for the Professional Resaler?


What resalers say about The Manual and Products for the Professional Resaler:
(Hover over the down arrow to scroll)   I am a successful shop owner because of you! Marianne E, owner, Your Best Friend's Closet

I could not have opened my store without this manual. This manual had an answer for every question I had! Believe me,  buying this manual will save you money, time and heartache. I pull mine out almost weekly. --Julie, GA

Have you gotten Kate's "Too Good to Be Threw" manual yet? After 12 years in business, I finally bought a copy and I wish I'd gotten it a decade ago...there's a lot of great information. It's invaluable- I recommend it highly. --T. Gazer

Very informative and helpful...I call it my consignment bible...Well worth the money. ---TraceyB.

You have provided so much information. I'm convinced that all you have contributed has helped to make consignment shops what they are today. ---Nona

Get the inside scoop ...all the crucial details with plenty of sound advice and creative ideas...Kate Holmes is fantastic and considered THE GURU in resale circles! –Teresa, CA

I refer back to your book often for ideas and guidance. I would recommend your manual without hesitation to anyone who had an interest in the consignment business-from would-be entrepreneurs to multiple store owners. It is that comprehensive and that good. ---Robert

What a wealth of information! I have been in the retail business for near to twenty years and found your book to be so "right on the money". So well organized and outlined step by step.
--Karleen, NM

Worth every penny!  I had previously bought 5 other retail "how to" books. But not one came close to having all of this information. I hate to promote this book too much because I don’t want more competition out there. –Ingrid, CA

Invaluable. I'm positive that Kate's advice saved me from making lots of mistakes. –Malissa

Filled with all the practical advice that others neglect, Kate takes you step by step. No detail is overlooked, you'll get "real world" advice. You'll find yourself referring back to this manual again and again. This will be the smartest money you'll spend for your business. Not only will it help you EARN money, but it will also SAVE you money. All this and an easy read, too. Not dry and mechanical like some. Opened without it? It's not too late. Get it now. And you definitely want to have it before your competition gets it! –Carolane, AL

I keep it on my bedside table. I don't know how anyone could open or run a consignment shop without this book! I refer to it almost every day. –Patricia, UT

A must if you are planning to open a Shop or already own one and need to put some spark back into the business. It has everything you need to know.

A have to, and worth every penny. It contains basic idea and ways to make the plan fit any scale of business. After 8 years of business I still pick up the book as reference and for ideas –Bev WV

A few months into this business, my mother visited a shop and asked for any helpful information. The owner gave her your address and I am so glad she did. I appreciate your help more than you can imagine. ---Marcy

I bought the book after being open for 5 years. Well worth the money. If it saves you only 1 mistake it will more than pay for itself. It’s better than learning the hard way. ---Suzanne

I bought the book before opening and can't imagine being able to open my store without the book. It answered questions I would have never thought of. I think it is the best investment you will make. ---Carroll

I am so glad that one of the first things I did was to buy and read every page of this book. I highly recommend it and in fact just did again today to a tourist who has a friend wanting to open a store in her hometown. ---TraceyJ

I wish I had bought the book before I bought my store. You'll gain more in sales implementing the suggestions in the book than you'll spend. ---Carol

I shudder to think of running my biz w/o all the info in the TGTBT manual. I used nearly all of the forms etc. Order it before you do anything else!   ---Cathy

I just signed a lease for my shop-to-be. ...the owner was so impressed w/ Kate's (oops I mean my) business plan, that he gave me a break. He said it was the first time he's ever lowered the price but that he wants to see me succeed because I had done all my homework. Which was all because of "Too Good To Be Threw". I could never have done it without that book, and it only took a week or so to get it all together, that is how organized and crystal clear the book is. Thank you so much, I can't find the words to say how important this book is! From the bottom of my heart thank you. ---Cathy

Kate, I see you have revised the manual again. We bought a manual when we opened in 1997. YES, was the best investment we ever made!!! We have 2 stores now. It was our BIBLE when we opened and even now you will hear my partner and I say.........Kate says to do it this way or that. ---Pam

I am the research specialist a non-profit government agency which assists start-up businesses. You have a WONDERFUL web site. It is so rare to find a site that is so comprehensive in its answers to a business. ---Charlotte

You saved my life. I purchased your Too Good To Be Threw manual. My store is now going to be just what I dreamed. I am so glad I found your book, it has helped me more than you could know. Such great ideas. I have also recommended your book to a friend who has recently opened a shop. ---Stacy

I loved getting my products. I curled up at home with a cup of tea and read every piece of info Kate had sent....Then I put it away and got on to business and have been completely buried ever since. Well last week I pulled out some of my TGTBT literature and realized that my employees have never seen them! I left "Windows That Sell" on the counter with a note "Please Read & Initial" on Saturday. When I came in on Monday, they had all read & APPLIED their favorite info to our shop, they loved it! (And the store looks great). ---Sherry

I bought a consignment shop 2 years ago. The sale included Kate’s manual. I was so busy that I skimmed through it and didn’t read the whole book. Big mistake! The store wasn’t making enough for a decent salary. I finally determined to make as much money as I could. I read and studied "Too Good To Be Threw". Well, this past Saturday was the best day that I have ever had and this past week was the best week ever. I just want to thank you. I strongly recommend to anyone to read and re-read "To Good To Be Threw" and do what the book says. We made our changes only a month ago and had our best sales in two years. ---Wanda


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