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If you're brand new to the resale industry, or researching how to run a successful consignment shop, our Start a Shop Page is where you will want to start. 

Whether you're learning how to open a consignment or resale shop or you're planning to truly build your business, these specific Products for the Professional Resaler get your shop on the fast track to success! 

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The Manual is out of print. Kate is retired. All other items are available.


499 Names for your Resale Shop from TGtbT.com499 Names for your Resale Shop
Just can't think of the perfect name? Here's a compendium of names, some great, some fabulous. 
You'll have your name in no time flat! 

Also great for * name changes * tag lines * signage * headlines 
* subject lines * rack & dressing room signage 
* naming a second shop * a department within your growing store  


Moneywise Guide to Accepting & Pricing from TGtbT.com Money-Wise Guide to Accepting & Pricing
Learn how to
* Quicken the check-in process * Design your check-in counter 
* How to Say “No”...and mean it * 10 Quick and Easy Refusals 
* “How can I cope with no-thank-you's and still have my suppliers happy?” 
* How many items to accept and methods for getting items on the floor efficiently 
* Give yourself a break in your intake 
* Make your Goods Worth More 
* Develop an Instinct for Pricing
Make more profit
starting today!


The Big Book of Window Displays Especially for Resale ShopsWindow Displays Especially for Resale Shops
Learn the hidden secrets of resale eye candy and how to make awesome displays of your one-of-a-kind merchandise as you Display. Sell. Repeat your way to awesome profits. 
Affordable, time-effective ways to DIY your own “Windows Worth a Thousand Words.” 
Read about 
* what windows can do for your bottom line 
* how to learn (for free!) from the professionals
* ready-made themes for every week of the year
* our famous 77 Suggestions for Super Windows plus Display Ideas from A to Z
* ...and even where to start if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body! 
Includes a 10-point checklist and ideas from shopkeepers like you! 
The Big Book of Window Displays


Resale Rules of Thumb & Resale Myths NEW!! Resale Rules of Thumb & Resale Myths
Beginning shopkeepers strive to learn the Resale Rules of Thumb. 
But wait... do they apply to everyone, all the time? Learn when they don't. 
And resale myths? Everyone will tell you these... but choose to operate based on them at your peril. (The most successful shops know these myths aren't true!)

Kate discusses 5 Resale Rules & 4 Resale Myths that you really need to take a close look at.  $9.95

Using ALL your Space from TGtbT.comThe Essential Guide to Using ALL Your Space
The most common complaint resale shoppers have about their favorite shop? "It's so crowded!" 
Crowding merchandise into your shop actually cuts down on sales. 
The Convertible Dressing Room, TGtbT's SPAN Plan for arranging your sales floor, and more
You PAY for every inch: Use it ALL!   $9.95


Growing Your Business Collection 1The Best of
Growing your Business
For many years. Kate has written a monthly column for the resale industry's members-only newsletter. Now, she's gathered the best of these columns into a collection. An excellent reference, and perfect for staff reading as well.

The Best of Growing Your Business  $6.95


Furniture and Home Goods is a great consignment and resale store focus!The Resaler's Guide to Furniture & Home Goods

Furniture and household accessory shops are one of the fastest-growing segments of resale. Whether you are a specialty store or you are adding home items to your wider selection; whether you consign, buy outright or work with donated goods; there are many ways to help your customers choose to make your merchandise a part of their household.

Kate helps you profit from this exciting category!   $19.95  


KIdBIz.... Children's resale is not child's play. A Product for the Professional Resaler for TGtbT.comKidBiz: It's NOT Child's Play
Read about 
How does a childrenswear shop differ from a shop which carries adult clothing only?
* What to carry? * What will your shop look like?
* Kiddie Traps * Layout concerns, Merchandise presentation, Displaying children’s paraphernalia 
* Babes in WindowLand* Fix-it tips* Special events* Offering a little bit more
* The Big Three Seasons in Childrenswear* Creating a child friendly business
* Selling expensive kids clothes * and tips from kidswear-resale friends near and far....

KidBiz: It's NOT Child's Play   $19.95 


TGtbT.com is the premier web site for professional resalers. Start a consignment, resale or thrift store with free articles and Products for the Professional Resaler here on Too Good to be Threw. Want to know how to open a consignment shop, do a business plan, operate your shop, consignment software and selling secondhand clothes, upscale designer fashions, children's gear or used furniture? Consignment shops, resale stores, thrift stores & consignment sales use Too Good to be Threw. As a consignment consultant and two-award winner and lifelong member of NARTS, Kate Holmes creates all information and Products 
specifically for the resale industry


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