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What to do NOW: Our current Feature article

Retail is a season- or occasion-driven business. People shop for what they can use now, what's on their minds because of news and social media events, and what they've been "trained" to do (hence, the term "Hallmark holiday".)

Here on TGtbT.com, our Feature article will help you prepare for profits!

I want the best competitors around. How about you?

Which would you rather have: a bad competitor or a good one?

It’s tempting to say, “Well, I’d really rather have a competitor who does everything wrong, because then I’d get all her customers.” After all, you reason, if that other shop is rude, dishonest, dirty and unorganized, “the public will realize that my shop is the place to patronize.”

For years as owner of a consignment shop, I heard horror stories of a competitor in my neighborhood. Complaints ranged from “she wouldn’t let me take back my clothes” to “she said all three of my items were apparently stolen and she refused to give me any money for them.” Almost weekly I heard stories of her overbearing rudeness. 

Did this help my shop? Not at all! Yes, some consignors and customers who had bad experiences there came to me instead. But imagine for a moment all the people who never came into my shop, because they had a bad experience at her shop. I would guess these people added up to hundreds a year, all of whom were turned off to the consignment way of shopping and recycling. Pretty bad, huh? 

You know, the public thinks of all resale shops as the same. A person who received unfair or negligent service at one shop believes all resalers must be unfair and negligent. That’s why I would rather have the best competitors I can have. Yup. I want the very best of consignment/ resale/ thrift shops in my town. I want to be in the same marketplace with the stars of resale. I want the public to think “Ah, resale, a great way to save, a great way to clean out my closets.”

A delighted public (educated courtesy of my peers down the street or across town) will gleefully explore my shop. After all, they know that resale merchandise is one-of-a-kind and that we are as likely to have a treasure for them as any of our competitors. Am I worried that those wonderful shops I dream of as competitors will get all the good stuff leaving my shop with nothing? Nope. The source of our merchandise, overcrowded closets, is untapped. The more pleased closet-cleaners there are in town, the more will show up at my door, too, thanks to my advertising, word-of-mouth, media attention, and social media.

Resale Rules of Thumb & Resale Myths, a Product for the Professional Resaler from TGtbT.comSo what can you do to help your competitors become better merchants? Perhaps you can suggest banding together to create a resale shopping guide brochure. Or organize a group advertising campaign or special-deals week. Most effectively, you can tell them about TGtbT.comAuntieKate the TGtbT Blog, HowToConsign.com, and how much you have learned here. Recommend that they shop our Products for the Professional Resaler. You can even share bulk orders of supplies. 

Now not every competitor will welcome you with open arms. That’s because they haven’t yet realized what you do: the better the competition, the better the marketplace for resale! 

So the next time you hear a bad word about that shop down the street, do what I did: stop in, say hello, and give them the TGtbT.com info. Tell them how your shop has benefited from the focused industry knowledge on TGtbT.com, HowToConsign.com, and on AuntieKate the TGtbT Blog

Then hope they take the hint!

Read more about resale in Resale Rules of Thumb & Resale Myths, a TGtbT.com Product for the Professional Resaler. And if you really want to stand out from the crowd? We recommend Resale's BEST Promotions and The Big Book of Window Displays

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