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The Back Room: A Resource for Consignment, Resale & Thrift Shops

The Back Room is where resalers come together to talk about their businesses. Whether you have a consignment shop, a buy-outright resale store, or a nonprofit thrift shop which relies on donations, here's the free articles from Too Good to be Threw that will help your business be all you dream it can be!

Design your shop from the ground up
First, read our StartAShop page and get Too Good to be Threw The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops.

Designing your business cards, selecting kits to help you create shop paperwork

Start your shop blog. Get some great ideas for a blog from TGtbT's Pinterest board. (There's ideas for your web site there too.)

Explore being a specialty shop, such as Kidswear, Womenswear, Furniture, or being a non-profit thrift.

And don't miss the Too Good to be Threw Pinterest boards on running a furniture and home decor shop

Avoid costly missteps
It's all about learning what works for your town's clientele. However, there are ways to zero in on the best choices before wasting time, money and effort. Like learning the Words that Sell and keeping The Big Book of Window Displays handy.

It could be as simple a choice as what colors to use, or as crucial as watching Kate as she rearranges your home decor items.

Saving money by making inexpensive items work to make your shop sizzle is all about where to shop! And of course, Shop Sizzle tells you how to use your fixtures. (Want to see what Kate as a shopper loves to see in resale shops?)

There's hundreds of inspiring ideas on the TG Pinterest board about shop decor.

Improving your shop
Your shop's doing okay, but you just know that there are things that could make it so much better. Like how to use every inch of your space and having a real Drop-&-Run system for your suppliers.

"Do YOU "Re"?" is the provocative question an experienced resaler asks. 

If potential customers can't find you, that's easily helped. Become a Sponsor Shop on HowToConsign.com, the #1 Google-ranked Resale Directory & Zoomable Map. And be sure, when you're putting your press kit together, to tell journalists about the wealth of information on the Too Good to be Threw consumer page.

Wondering how you can help your customers and browsers feel more loyal to you? Here's what HowToConsign.com is showing consumers on Pinterest, and telling them on the HTC blog

HTC Sponsors are also featured on TGtbT's Pinterest board, Favorite Shops. You can find useful Pins on The Business of Running a Shop on TGtbT's Pinterest, too.

Growing your shop
As your consignment or resale shop matures, you start thinking about your business's place in the community and how to make it stand out.

Pass it on: The most eco-friendly ways to dispose of unsalable goods

Dealing with competition is necessary... and can even improve your shop.

When I find a business book to recommend, I pin it on my Pinterest Books Worth Reading board.

Sometimes, solving a problem requires thinking outside the box. Or checking out ideas on TGtbT's Pinterest board on windows for your consignment shop.

Making your business thrive
It's easy to open a shop. But you don't want to be any old shop, so you keep learning.

Knowing the lingo is second nature to you by now, but maybe your staff could use the Resaler's Dictionary. Also there, we have a donated basic retail Spanish section you may find helpful.

Keep an eye on the Too Good to be Threw Pinterest boards, Tips and Things to Remember.

And speaking of staff, wouldn't they (or you!) love to read a consignment shop mystery like The Picker Who Perished?

What to do right now
TGtbT can anticipate seasonal situations, so be sure not only to read our current feature article, but check back often for another "What do I do now?" suggestion.

It's important to recognize, and enhance, customers' preoccupations with holidays. There's lots of ideas on the TGtbT Pinterest board, Holidays in Resale.

And because Halloween is the biggest money-making holiday for thrift, resale and consignment shops, we have a whole Pinterest board for Halloween.

Got your seasonal concerns covered? Then be sure to check out Auntie Kate's blog for frequent ideas, and the HowToConsign blog for what Kate's telling your potential shoppers and suppliers. You can sign up for automatic emails from each so you don't miss a single tip or hint!

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