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Thrift Stores: Not your grandmother's version any more!

Thrift is not an affair of the pocket but an affair of character on TGtbT.com

Not-for-profit shops nowadays can be large or small, focused or generalists. Shoppers seeking exceptional bargains love NFP stores because the unusual, the exceptional, and the just-plain BUYS are often found here, thanks to operating costs kept low with careful budgeting and cherished volunteers. 

And it used to be that non-profit thrift stores sold used merchandise that was donated only. No more! Now, some thrift shops accept consignments, some buy wholesale to fulfill a need in their marketplace, and some solicit brand-new merchandise from manufacturers and retailers.

The same... but different. Some thrift store staff feel that their issues are not the same as for-profit resalers. While sometimes this is true, you can still learn a lot from your for-profit peers. Follow our blog, our Facebook and Pinterest accounts. Don't have as much time as you'd like? Zero in on our blog posts tagged "thrift."


Send this page to a coworker, your Board of Directors, or the shop down the road.

How to display the wide variety of goods your shop offers: 

Gondolas can direct shoppers' attention. Here's an illustration I created for a  thrift to help volunteers place incoming decor for best sales appeal. Click it to see it on our TGtbT Pinterest!

Limited budget?

Help your thrift shop go from DRAB to FAB with Shop Sizzle, a TGtbT.com Product for the Professional Resaler

Shop Sizzle is 64 pages of inexpensive ideas to spruce up your shop with little or no money. Get it PDQ

Increase the value of your donations:

Many thrifts have volunteers with talents, but who cannot work on the sales floor. These wonderful folks can put their talents to use increasing the value of your donations! 

On our TGtbT Pinterest board for shopkeepers, we've collected up saleable projects. Lots of these ideas would also make a fun Volunteers' Social Evening in the shop, where volunteers can socialize as they create.

A Thrifty Tip:

Highlight hidden attributes: Is that a sleeper sofa? Do you have 6 of those bar stools available? 

Create branded signage, laminate, and use over and over again to tempt shoppers into investigating a little bit closer!

Another in a free PDQ (What's a PDQ?):

How NFPs Can Profit

by Reaching out to Resale Peers 

More tips on TGtbT.com's

Furniture/ Home Goods page

Womenswear page

Kidstuff page

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