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Furniture and home goods resale & consignment

If I were starting a consignment or resale shop today, I'd start a furniture/ household accessories shop. Why?Sit up straight and pay attention

Everyone's loving their homes right now. And people are much more  attuned to changing and modifying their decor today. 

Besides, there are so many resources to make a shop like this truly "stand out from the crowd": a local crafter who does wonders with silk flowers, an artist with an eye for embellishing abandoned items, a sculptor who does truly original works worthy of an art gallery. 

I'd have a whole address book full of upholstery resources, picture framers, refinishers, and help my clientele have homes that go so far beyond the standard "furniture-store look."

If you are ready to go whole-hog into household, or just want to dabble a bit with a decorative accents area in your clothing shop, read on.



The Manual: Can household decor/ furniture/ hard goods shops get something out of it?

Too Good to be Threw The Manual, AKA The Resale BibleToo Good to be Threw, The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops, has over 200 pages of information about the industry. Yes, much of it is written from the standpoint of clothing resale. But if you can, as you read, think "dresser" instead of dress, or "sofa" instead of suit, you'll have it made!

Dealing with suppliers, store layout, advertising, tracking sales, setting procedures, location, and all the other points are the same, whether you sell coats or cupboards, paintings or panties. See the Table of Contents
Most of all: your customers are the same. The Manual is your investment in the profitable future of your shop.


Kate's Tip: The One Best Thing
For a resale or consignment home furnishings shop, nothing can beat explanatory tags: those little folded-over like-a-gift-enclosure tags which have the info you need (ID number, coded date, etc), basic info (size, description, price, etc) and suggestions/ temptations for the shopper. Examples:

Add some ideas on how to use an armoire and watch customers buy them!Maple roll-top desk, great for hiding clutter!

Use this 1940's enamel-top table in your kitchen to hold cookbooks, in the front hall to highlight your Fiesta, or in a kid's room for crafts (it cleans up in a snap!)

Tiny marble-topped stand from an old Tidewater mansion built in the 1880's

TGtbT.com is for furniture resale and consignment, too! Idea: this ornate plaster frame would make a terrific decoupage tray if you're crafty, or use it to put your grandparents' photo in for instant ancestry!

Tie these notes/ tags on with your signature red yarn or golden ribbon and watch your shop's sales appeal take an immediate upsurge! Helping your customer envision this new piece in her home will boost sales immediately.

If you have assistants/ helpers who come up with good ideas, include their names on these signs/ tags: Susie thinks this tiny table would be adorable in a hallway, holding family photos. You are giving your shop a personality the public can identify with, and giving Susie credit for adding to your success as well.

The Resaler's Guide to Furniture & Home Goods by Kate Holmes Furniture and household accessory shops are one of the fastest- growing segments of resale. Whether your shop is a specialty store or you are adding home items to your wider selection; whether you consign, buy outright or work with donated goods The Resaler's Guide to Furniture & Home Goods will tell you

Why they buy
What they buy
Arranging for Maximum Sales
Fix it up to Make More
Show them why they want it
Advertising & Promotional Ideas
Including the noted AGD and a slew of Quick Tips to run your shop more easily and profitably 

Get your PDQ of
The Resaler's Guide to Furniture & Home Goods

The same... but different. Some furniture resale shops feel their issues are not the same as wardrobe resalers. While sometimes this is true, you can still learn a lot from your industry cousins. Following our blog, our Facebook and Pinterest accounts, can be helpful. Not as much time as you'd like? Zero in on our blog posts tagged "home decor." And while all our Pinterest Boards are fascinating, there's one which focuses on furniture.

TGtbT.com is the premier web site for professional resalers. Start a consignment, resale or thrift store with free articles and Products for the Professional Resaler here on Too Good to be Threw. Want to know how to open a consignment shop, do a business plan, operate your shop, consignment software and selling secondhand clothes, upscale designer fashions, children's gear or used furniture? Consignment shops, resale stores, thrift stores & consignment sales use Too Good to be Threw. As a consignment consultant and two-award winner and lifelong member of NARTS, Kate Holmes creates all information and Products 
specifically for the resale industry

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