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I'd love to go to NARTS Conference, but...

Resale and consignment shopkeepers rely on TGtbT.com to suggest the best way to make their business BE all they dream it CAN be!Itís a big commitment, I know. Time, effort, money. . . but itís important for your professionalism to attend. Hereís my personal, just-between-resalers take on how to cope with reasons you might be hesitant to go. Please see my disclaimer at the end of this page.

Our Products for the Professional Resaler help you make and save enough to afford Conference...and more!

Which is YOUR "but..."? Click to see what Kate has to say...

I can't go because I work in my shop alone.
I don't have the money.

I won't know anyone.

We're in a small town
so our problems are unique.
I've had my shop for years.
There's nothing new to learn.
My shop is doing very well. So well, that I haven't got the time to spend away from it.

I haven't been in business long so I won't know what anyone is talking about.

I probably have every book youíve ever written, Kate. I can learn all I need to know from them.
Hey, Kate, I agree with everything you say...but I really CANNOT go.

"I know I'd get a lot out of Conference but I work alone." Even if you don't have a relative or friend who can keep your shop open while you're at Conference, think about closing for that weekend. In fact, e-mail me, and I'll tell you just what to post on your shop door for those four days. (Hint: Never ever use the word "closed")

"I know Conference would be good for my business,  but I just don't have the money to go." You can't afford not to attend! Remember, education is a legitimate business deduction. It might even be worth taking out a small loan so you can go, with all the money-making ideas you'll bring home to use.

"I'm shy! I won't know anyone." There's not an easier group to become a part of than resalers. Within 15 minutes, you'll be at ease and having fun. Imagine: hundreds of other people who know exactly what you mean: some with more experience, some with less, but all with scads of enthusiasm for sharing. You'll be too busy and happy to remember to be shy! You might even be able to put a face to a name you've seen commenting over on the Too Good to be Threw Blog.

"We're from a small village. All those owners are from towns and even cities.  Their businesses are too different from ours. Our problems are unique." There is such a range of shop types and sizes among attendees that you're sure to meet owners with similar concerns. You might be surprised to find out many of your problems are shared by others. And you'll find someone's unique solutions can work for you! Workshop presenters offer a variety of ideas.

Coming from a small village, you might feel a bit lonely in your shop's concerns. Conference will show you all the things you are doing right as well as all the ways you can improve your business.

"I've had my shop for years. Believe me, there's nothing new to learn." Could your business benefit from a fresh outlook? Conference will put the twinkle back in your eye, the bounce back in your step, and the zest back into your customers! Find out about new aspects of the retail world that your customers live in. Discover news that can make you money while delighting your clientele. Bring back unique promotions that only you can offer, ways to improve the appeal of your shop in this discount-retail decade, and resources that will lead to more profit and less drudgery.

"My shop is doing very well. So well, in all honesty,  that I haven't got the time to spend away from it." Sounds like you might be interested in utilizing better time management. Interested in efficiency? Are you as effective as you can be? How about your training and delegation skills? Perhaps you'll learn how to make some time for yourself and your family while continuing your brisk growth. The best business is one you can leave for some time to educate and refresh yourself. Time spent learning how to do it all and do it well is worth much more than the few days you'll spend away from your store.

"I haven't been in business very long. I won't know what anyone is talking about." The one-on-one opportunities at Conference are perfect for you! Not only will you be able to ask questions at all workshops, but you are personally invited to join Kate at any time. Heck, just walk up to any attendee: Resalers are notoriously friendly and helpful to one another. No question is too basic when you ask an enthusiastic fellow Conference attendee. You will learn more than you ever dreamed about! As a novice owner, the wealth of knowledge at Conference will help steer you away from mistakes that might otherwise limit your growth. And think how much that will mean over the years!

"I probably have every book youíve ever written, Kate. I can learn all I need to know from them." Iím proud of the Products for the Professional Resaler Iíve written and how helpful they are to other resalers. But the face-to-face interaction of resalers gathered together is truly special. Weíll help you work around any special limitations in your business. You can't ask a book a question or explain that you need clarification on a point. . . but you can at Conference.

"I'd love to, but I REALLY need to be elsewhere that weekend." Hey, it happens. Daughters insist upon getting married, babies demand to be born, that kinda stuff. Well, Kate's got the answer to this, too and it's right here: Create your OWN Conference.


Please Note: Kate Holmes and Too Good to be Threw have no financial stake in NARTS Conference or  functions. I just really think it would be good for your business if you come, and Iíd like to meet you, and I can personally attest to the great ideas, enthusiasms, and lasting friendships I have made at the many past Conferences in which I volunteered, spoke, and participated. One more reason to come to Conference: I'll be there with my Products for the Professional Resaler that you can touch, smell, and buy. 'Course, if you want to study them beforehand, so you can discuss them with me one-on-one, feel free to order now on-line.

Okay, you've convinced me I should go, Kate. Now tell me how to maximize my investment while I'm there!

I am heartbroken, but I just can't go this year. Tell me how to make "My own Conference"!

WOW, even if I buy EVERYTHING from the TGtbT Shop for Professional Resalers, I'll still have money left for all sorts of great promotional events and more in my shop!

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