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It's Time to Ask for NWT!

What are people buying between now and the holidays?

Gifts, of course.

For other folks. And for themselves. So make sure your consignment, resale, or thrift shop has them ready to purchase!

It’s time to get your suppliers, whether you’re consignment, buy-outright, or donations-only, to sort through their unused, “new-with-tags” (NWT) and bring them in. That way, you’ll have a good selection of items to sell as gifts to those shoppers leery of buying recycled items for holiday gifts. And who knows? You may even end up developing a whole new category of merchandise in your shop!

Remind them:
* On your intake receipts message line
* In your monthly/ bimonthly consignor letter distributed with checks or when they pick up payments
* As a separate, card-stock quarter-page “Reminder: Now’s the PERFECT season for…” used as a bag-stuffer
* On your after-hours phone message
* By broadcast email, postcard, phone calls
* In your social media

And don’t forget those customers who don’t normally bring items in. A bag-stuffer, in-store signage, and of course good old conversation: If you’ve always wondered how you could turn unused items into cash, now’s a great time. For the holidays, new-with-tags sells really well for gift buying. That blouse that you never got around to returning, or the handbag Cousin Millie Of The Big Hair sent you for your birthday? Bring them in, and walk out with something you like a whole lot better.

With a good selection of these brand-new items, imagine the holiday gift swing shop displays you can have!

This is an excerpt from Holidays in Resale, a TGtbT.com Product for the Professional Resaler. Get it Pretty Darn Quick right now, and make yourself a great holiday selling season!



Holidays in Resale: Make the Season Brighter for Your Consignment Clientele & Your Shop!

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Drop & Run is the BEST thing you can do for your consignment shop!


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