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Kate on Conference & Success

The brightest and the best of the consignment, resale and thrift industry will gather for NARTS Conference. 

Here's Kate's take on the whole thing.

She really thinks YOU should attend

How to get the most out of any meeting

If you haven't been making profitable use of Kate's 10 Simple Low- or No-Cost Ways to make $10,000 more a year all year, start now! So okay, you won't make $10,000 more between now and Conference ...but you'll be on your way!

What to do

So much to do at Conference. You won't want to miss a minute!

To be sure to learn everything you can during the Bus Tour,  download and print out plenty of copies of Visiting Other Resalers, a little booklet to help you get the most out of visiting similar shops. 

And for workshops, go to NARTS.org to see who's leading which, and be sure you come to mine!

[email protected]: Be there!

Every year we have a TGtbT get-together before the "official" NARTS event, at 6 in the hotel's lobby bar. 

Join us at this completely-casual, drop in and order yourself a drink and introduce yourself event! 

At 8, we'll go together to the NARTS Getting to Know You reception, and make even more new friends!

(Afraid you won't know anyone? Click to see a picture of me. There. Now you have a friend in the bar, Thursday, 6PM. See how easy?)

Bring to Conference!

To get the most out of Conference, here's what to pack

and here's the down-low on the sign to put on your shop door, if you don't have the helpers to keep the shop open while at Conference

See all Kate's blog posts over the years about Conference. Some are more interesting than others (the posts, not the Conferences. They're always interesting.)

Just can't attend?

It happens. Babies get born, folks get married, legs get broken. Kate understands. Here's the next-best thing you can do on the last weekend in June: TGtbT Presents- Make your own Conference

4 Days to Resale Success: The Most Popular Blog Post(s) Ever 

Be sure to get all our Products for the Professional Resaler to make your shop great!






Please Note: Kate Holmes and Too Good to be Threw have no financial stake in NARTS Conference or  functions. I just really think it would be good for your business if you come, and Id like to meet you, and I can personally attest to the great ideas, enthusiasms, and lasting friendships I have made at the many past Conferences in which I volunteered, spoke, and participated. One more reason to come to Conference: I'll be there with my Products for the Professional Resaler that you can touch, smell, and buy. 'Course, if you want to study them beforehand, so you can discuss them with me one-on-one, feel free to order now on-line.

Okay, you've convinced me I should go, Kate. Now tell me how to maximize my investment while I'm there!

I am heartbroken, but I just can't go this year. Tell me how to make "My own Conference"!

WOW, even if I buy EVERYTHING from the TGtbT Shop for Professional Resalers, I'll still have money left for all sorts of great promotional events and more in my shop!

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